“You’re only as old as your Spine.”  Joseph Pilates

“Intelligent Exercise – profound results”
Developed by Joseph Pilates and refined by fitness experts, pilates is about the mind muscle connection.
It prevents injuries by stabilizing and strengthening the deep muscles of the spine and joints. This improves your endurance (the body moves more efficiently) and helps with muscular imbalances.

Specific exercises and focus will help answer these questions:
What does it mean to “engage the core?”
How do I engage the core?
How can I use the arms and legs to strengthen the core?
How can I work the core in a seated position or lying in bed?

Here at 4 Rivers, Pilates classes are taught on the Mat or in a Chair (for those with injuries or flexibility issues). Classes are done as a workshop.Small group or private classes are bought as a package of four.

Small classes, experienced knowledgeable instructors, individualized attention, a postural analysis for each participant and a recording of the exercises so you can do them at home or on your travels.


Cost for small group workshops – $25.00 per class


Cost For Private sessions -$50.00 per class