Maria, my session with you was amazing! Your manipulations were very subtle and gentle, love you intuitiveness! The fascial releases resulted in greater range of motion and ease of rotation. My hip flexibility improved as well as my thoracic rotation

I love Maria’s approach to therapy. She provides very helpful guidance during the session and really has been able to address my ongoing neck and back problems. Can’t wait till my next appointment!

I had back pain for four months after giving birth that just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. As a physical therapist I know a lot about what to do for this type of thing but I couldn’t get my back pain to go away. After seeing Maria once my pain was gone within 24 hours of seeing her. I highly recommend!

I have received significant results in only two visits, thus far. Increased flexibility, decreased stiffness, improved digestion, and, unexpected significant improvement in breathing after long post-covid symptoms. Also, I am sleeping better, which is probably a result of these benefits. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Maria’s treatments have been helping relieve joint pain and muscle tension in my neck and upper back. The manipulations are gentle but the effects are powerful! I can’t recommend Maria enough.

My first treatment with Maria had me walking out pain free–what a drastic difference from my condition walking in! She uses a very gentle touch technique that is the very best therapy I’ve encountered to treat aches and injuries! I tell everyone about her. So glad Maria’s osteopathic treatment is available here!

I am 67 and work hard on a construction site. Maria’s gentle therapy takes away my aches and pains and keeps me going.

Slept better after only one treatment. Thanks so much!

Maria solves mysteries! I was going from Physical Therapist to Chiropractor and back about hip pain. Maria analyzed my problem within a half hour, did some gentle manipulations and resolved my issue! She has gifted hands, a huge heart and a perceptive mind. Truly a gift.